Turkey -A nation rich in history and nature

What makes Turkey so great as a nation. Acting as a great bridge between Asia and Europe. Turkey has become a great strategical location and nation for great partnering and trades. Turkey has been inhabitated dating back to the days of ancient Anatolians, Assyrians,Greeks,Thracians, Urartians, Phyrgians and Armenians. When Alexander The great Greek’s greatest emperor died this place was helenized which continued till the roman empire. The Seljuk Turks in the 11th century started migrating to its place and thus started “Turkification” .

In the 14th century, the Ottoman and Anatolians united. They become a powerhouse conquering vast teritorries and was formidable in Euroasia, West and North Africa. Their power sustained till 16th Century but bowed down to the Russian losing due to strategic location.
To this day, many of the ancient civilization and artifacts can still be found. And if you are an avid Bible reader and seeing the the book of Revelation written by Apostle John published in many regions by online media agency. The words Ephesus and Sardis can be found here.

Ephesus as they said it is the perfect church for Christian Faith. They followed Jesus’ Commandments till the 3rd Century after partying ways to the command following the declaration of the Emperor of Rome Constantine.

To this day, Turkey as a nation boast a $800 Billion GDP. In due time they will cross the barrier of Trillion Dollar making them only few in the world. Due to its transcontinental, try here.The lives of Europeans and Asians have affected their country.