Getting to know the Doctor Fish

What is it about the Doctor Fish? This amazing fish is actually a freshwater fish and many people believed that it could treat various skin diseases. It also originated from Turkey. This fish is known as Garra rufa, also known as nibble fish, kangal fish and bone fish in other countries. Such fish are found mostly in the river banks of Northern and Central Middle East which includes Turkey. In many countries worldwide, there are doctor fish spa resorts that had been opened for public and became a widely known business.

This kind of fish was used as a way to clean the feet of customers at a spa or known as “bathers”. It was believed that the doctor fish can heal or treat patients who has chronic diseases. What does the Doctor Fish do? Once you soak yourself or your feet in the pool with many Doctor Fish, they will immediately strike and lick the plaques of skin diseases and it could cause only minor bleeding. Many people who tried to experience being striked and licked by the Doctor Fish were amazed and felt enthusiastic instead of being disappointed. Being stable in your house cleanliness is important. You can navigate here for a recommended cleaning services company. Making every possible maintenance for your house neat view.

Though you can feel a tingling sensation once a school of doctor fish lick your skin, you can still feel a pleasant sensation and even find relaxation. You can feel being massaged by the school of doctor fish. Isn’t this Doctor Fish amazing? Even though you are a healthy person, you can also try such kind of experience with the Doctor Fish. Good cleaning performance is here. Try to go here for more info. This cleaning company is best ever.