Experience the Fever!

From its data and results we can say it is scientifically proven. The Kangal Fish Balikli Thermal Spa has become a global sensation being visited by many races and people. It is put in the map known for its health care and nature abundance. Like I said you got to experience the freshness of the nature plus the magical moment. Sometime in the early 2000’s the Turkish Ministry has bestowed one of its highest award in this Tourist Spa. It was noted that for having exceptional healing advantages to psoriasis disease. So not only on global but also in a local way.

Due to its continuous fame, researchers went to this place and conducted many research. The subject of the matter was “Psoriasis fish treatment in Kangal Fish Balikli Kaplica” this led to national symposium in June 1993 and held a study in spring’s treatment qualities. In 2000 a documentation was studied. With a given number of patients ~58% of them completely recovered and the ~42% was partially recovered. That is an amazing feat. But what is more noteworthy is that Dr. Martin Grassberger of Medical University of Vienna said that 70% of benefactors of the springs has clear benefits and have a remission time of 8 months.

That is like to say that surely all will be healed in due time.

And yes, many and many more Doctors worldwide sees and acknowledges the stream. More than thousands of doctors have acknowledged the place and is releasing statements as if it has true magic to heal. Dr. Ozcellik and Dr. Tim Clayton are just prime examples of voicing their sentiments that this can help to alleviate thickened psoriasis.
It even reach the height of mainstream media.