Local Attractions

Of course, when you go to a place a far place or a vacation. You’d maximize your money, time and places you’d possibly go. So here are some of the places that you’ll probably would take a look to visit in Turkey.  Sivas where Kangal Fish Balikli Kaplica Thermal Spa is located is very rich in cultural and historical places. It banners many recreational things while you stay. If you feel for soul searching while you undergo treatment. There are many things to do starting from experiencing and exploring the ancient civilizations trails. You would also love the landscape of the rurality of life. This side vacation things are not barriers for your possible treatment as this excursion can be cancelled if you want.
Here are some of the places you’d like to visit.

Sivas and Divrigi


More to ancient days, Sivas was and is used to be a province in East of Anatolia. In 2000BC during the Hittite Empire. Sivas was very vital place for the Sivas Frig Empire which is known till 1200BC. It was even recorded that in the Lydian Ties the famous royal road passed in this city. Had it not fall this place would be even more ancient till today. Dating back on those times it was even called Darulala or “Exalted City”.
Divrigi on the other hand is a town in the Sivas Province too. It is home for the most valuable artifacts of the architecture in Anatolia. Today Divrigi even built mosque and joined a medical center in this place . To this day it recorded in the WORLD’s Heritage accredited by UNESCO all due to the virtue of their exquisite carvings and architecture.

Can’t visit Turkey without experiencing its finest capital Istanbul. To visit this place is to find the roots of Ephesus the once perfect church and Troya. This is the best place in Turkey as this is the capital of high and growing economy!

These places suggested are just couple of hours of driving which you can enjoy in a half or whole day stay and yet will not interrupt your medical treatment and first purpose of coming.